From the New York Times (By Gabriel Nelson of Greenwire so you know it’s not biased):

After an unusual about-face prompted by a late recusal, a federal appeals court has scrapped a ruling that said the nation’s largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions could be sued for the damage caused by global warming.

The case, Comer v. Murphy Oil, started with a lawsuit by Gulf Coast residents affected by Hurricane Katrina. Claiming that global warming contributed to the severity of the storm, the plaintiffs sued dozens of the nation’s largest polluters — a veritable who’s who of utilities, chemical companies and the oil industry.

This is my favorite part.  Are you ready?

The Comer case is one of several pioneering climate change cases based on claims of public nuisance, a centuries-old mainstay of common law that allows people to sue their neighbors for nuisances such as foul smells, loud noises or overgrown trees. A three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last year that the plaintiffs could proceed with their lawsuit, but that ruling is now out of play unless the plaintiffs appeal to the Supreme Court and the justices decide to intervene.

So that puts global warming into the category of a “public nuisance”.  You know, on the level of your radio up too loud or your trees being overgrown.  Ha!  I’ve never heard Al Gore or the UN call it a “nuisance” before.

This is one of those six-degrees to Al Gore things.  Your property was damaged by a hurricane that was caused by increasing temperatures that was caused by global warming that was caused by these companies.  Even if we drink their Kool-Aid and say global warming is real, how are you going to pin a lawsuit on a list of companies when the rest of the world emits so much carbon that it makes Murphy Oil here look like white on rice? (Not to mention the whole natural sources of carbon thing)

I should sue Al Gore for pushing this global warming thing that causes the members of the Church of Global Warming to talk about it that causes legislation to be passed that taxes me that causes me to write about it here.