The official temple of the Church of Global Warming. Our doctrine is:

There is no God but Gaia and Al Gore is her prophet.

Gaia is under assualt by evil greenhouse gases by companies like Exxon Mobil and other evil capitalist companies. Only our Savior, Al Gore can stop them.

The only way to stop evil greenhouse gases are for government to take over the economy, like our prophet, dictated through the Kyoto Accords.

If we don’t stop evil greenhouse gases, Gaia will send hurricanes, droughts, freezes, heat waves, and floods all over the Earth.

There are many heretics who disagree with our noble religion, but the Inquisition, led by the High Inquisitor Dr. Heidi Cullen; will root out these heretics in Global Warming Tribunals and deal with them accordingly.

Our holy text is the 2007 IPCC report. It is the undeniable truth of Gaia’s word.

We urge you to come seek salvation. Buy a Prius, or better yet a horse and buggy; get rid of electrcity and other fossil fuels; and give praise to the almighty Gaia Gore and you may be saved.

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