Okay, so maybe the headline is a little eye-catching, especially for a global warming website.  I don’t like to get into many political arguments outside of this topic because honestly I love to win arguments, and it’s so easy against the members of the Church.  But I want to use the whole abortion example while pointing out a bit of news that hit this weekend.

In the world of eco-regulation, my Automotive Freedom of Choice feels opressed as of late.  Oddly enough, the same folks who claim “Choice” is a right are in the same political segment that wants to deny you your “Choice” at every turn.

From Times Online.co.uk

Barack Obama aims to drive gas guzzlers off the road with greener laws For decades they have thundered along America’s highways and choked up parking lots, a symbol of extravagance unchallenged by politicians, emissions standards or common sense.

Ok wait, seriously, “unchallenged by… common sense”?  we can all see where this article is going.  This is probably in the editorial section right?   Nope.

They are the four-wheel-drive behemoths known to the US Government as “light trucks” and to consumers as SUVs (sport utility vehicles) — but their easy ride as the world’s most conspicuous mobile polluters ended this week.

Wow, they can’t even hide their contempt.

In a coup that achieves something President Clinton promised but never delivered, President Obama has forced the big three US carmakers, and their unions, to accept tough mileage rules for cars and SUVs. The rules will cut emissions from vehicles by more than a third over the next four years.

This here is where we get into the crux of my argument.  The government regulating mileage rules for vehicles.  You know how there’s this whole push now for vehicles that get better mileage?  Yea, that’s all you.  The consumer.  When gas hit the high in 2008, people wanted vehicles that got better mileage.  (I personally used that time to go out and buy something that got less mileage, my suburban.  The deals were just too good to resist.)  Amazingly the people who make stuff, listen to the people who buy the stuff.

Capitalism (I know, something the church members typically despise with a passion) keeps itself in check because unlike the government, if we decide something is not cool, it fails and is replaced with something better.

Where does this whole abortion thing come into play?  Let me get to that.

From 2016, new cars and SUVs will have to deliver an average of 35.5 miles per gallon (42.6 miles per British gallon), comparable for the first time with European and Japanese requirements.

Now, all of the members of the Church of Global Warming that I communicate with are all into Pro-choiceness.  It just seems to be the way that segment of the political spectrum blends.  (I won’t get into my contempt for the term “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice” as I don’t think it’s about life or choice… we all want life and choice.  The issue is whether or not you think people should be able to have abortions.)

The next time you have a eco-conversation with someone, ask them their opinion on the government regulating the hell out of automobiles to force the manufactures into making what the government tells them to make (The government, because remember, if we choose, it would be with our money, not a political party), ask them what they think of the idea of letting the people choose and having no government regulation.

The answer you are likely to get will range but will most likely include bits of nonsense like:

  • People are not smart enough to make the right choice
  • Look at all the SUVs sold now, that’s just wrong
  • If we don’t force better mileage on people, it will never happen

So then what about Abortion?  Exactly.  How can anyone be into “Freedom of Choice” but yet in the same conversation, be against your Automotive Freedom of Choice.

To take it a step further, the end-all-be-all last resort for all CoGW members is always been “Well, even if we’re not sure, shouldn’t we take steps to keep it from happening just in case?”  or “Better safe than sorry.”
Then try turning that around on the whole abortion thing.  If we can neither confirm nor deny that what makes a person a person is or is not there from the start of the human life cycle, they why not be “better safe than sorry”?

They will undoubtedly spout something about how the woman’s right to choose, bla bla bla.  Well, I am tired of my Automotive Freedom of Choice being compromised because someone things I shouldn’t be driving what I enjoy to drive.  Who the hell are you to tell the people that make my products that they have to make something different?  Can you imagine if the government started regulating organic food to the level that they regulate automobiles?  That would never stand.

But somehow, this does.  No, my golden rule is still as follows:  Smaller Government > Larger Government.  And in the case of automotive regulation, all they are doing is making the cars/trucks/SUVs more expensive at the cost of our Automotive Freedom of Choice.