I had to go all the way to Myrtle Beach and WMBF News for this one:

Former Vice President Al Gore’s name has become synonymous with global warming.  Gore pressured the public, saying people are solely responsible for global warming, and created a “go green” mania. 

However, Gore’s movie, The Inconvenient Truth, has much opposition that the public may not know.  Ian Plumber of Adelaide University says climate data has been massaged, and there is complete obstruction. 

This kind of thing has been going on for a while now because of the film’s political nature and extreme bias.  Your first inkling that this is a political issue of course is the fact that Al Gore is the spokesperson for it.  But I guess of Perez Hilton stands behind the film then everything is A-OK.

“Because you get one upward trend recently, will mislead a lot of people,” another well-known scientist, Dr. Bill Gray, said as he noted global warming could be over-hyped.

The earth is warming, but scientists remain divided on the cause.  Gore makes an argument of a positive correlation between hurricanes and tornadoes.

And others have made an argument as to the positive correlation between the reduction of pirates and the global average temperature.  You can make a positive correlation between any two items if you wish, but the climate system is not made up of just to items (Humans and Carbon Dioxide), as many church members seem to forget.

“The same year that we had that spring of big hurricanes,” he said. “We also hit an all-time high of number of tornadoes in United States.”

Kevin Pence of the National Weather Service agrees that we’re seeing more storm reports, but isn’t quick to put the charge on global warming.

There are others out there who think this way… this is nothing new.


“We think that has to do with, you know, folks having cameras on their cell phones, video recorders, education,” he said.

This is a fun one.  When this is brought up the conversation usually goes like this:

Eco-Fascist: warmest in a hundred years bla bla bla, I love Al Gore bla bla bla
Me: 100 years eh?
Eco-Fascist: Yeah.
Me: Think those temperature records of 1908 are accurate?
Eco-Fascist: Yeah.
Me: Like… Satellite accurate?
Eco-Fascist: ummmm… sure.
Me: *Bitchslap*

So are our green efforts even making a positive impact?  The truth is, despite drastic green efforts, carbon dioxide may never go away because it’s life cycle can be anywhere from 50 to a thousand years. 

“It’s not like we can take a vacuum cleaner, turn it on and suck all the greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and we’d be good to go.  It’s not the case,” Pence explains.

With only 30 years of satellite data, the convenient truth is there’s a lot of research that still needs to be done.

Thank you WMBF  A lot of research still needs to be done.  

And until people take all science into account instead of just the science that agrees with their new world order, this will continue to be defined as a religion.