Throughout the USA, early snowfall is setting records.

The Blaine County School District in Idaho has set the earliest snow day in history this week, when a record heavy fall snowstorm hit them hard enough to keep the kiddies from their science teachers for a day.

From KTVB Idaho 7 News:

“We got dumped on last night, you can see that by looking around here.  We weren’t quite ready for it.  It did cause us some issues in the school district,” Lonnie Barber, Blaine County Superintendent.

Not just the school district, but throughout the county.  At least 3,500 Idaho Power customers in the Wood River Valley were without electricty today.  Utility officials blame heavy wet snow for knocking out power in Bellevue and Hailey. Outages were also reported in Fairfield and Carey.

KTVB goes on to report how general chaos ensued due to the snow breaking branches of trees not yet having time to shed their leaves, and disrupting power as a result.

Some random people from the Internet.

In Colorado, the Loveland Basin ski resort is enjoying their earliest opening in the Arapahoe Basin’s 64 year history.  The snow is manufactured here, but the fact that the climate is cold enough to allow them to invest in eighteen inches of manufactured snow to stick around is a big deal.

From the Denver Post:

“We took advantage of the cold temperatures and got an early start making snow this year,” said Eric Johnstone, snowmaking and trail maintenance manager. “Now we can move some equipment to other trails and try to open more terrain as quickly as possible.”

This occurrence is even happening as far south as Las Vegas.

The 2009-2010 season at the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is underway, the earliest the resort has ever been open.

Unseasonably cold nighttime temperatures and aggressive snowmaking efforts have produced snow on Chair Three, Rabbit Peak, the only lift and trail scheduled to open.

20078 Vegas Snow

And while members of the Church of Global Warming like the folks over at continue to say ” the observed warming over the last decade is 100% consistent with the expected anthropogenic warming trend of 0.2 ºC per decade” they still can’t show us who exactly predicted fifteen years ago that the temps would go down for ten years.

Last I checked, Al Gore’s graphics and’s dogma never accounted for ten years of cold climate we are seeing now (which coincidently goes along with the solar cycle lull that we are in).

But, if you are wrong ten years from now, why not just deny your wrongness in hopes for more government funding for your phony science?  Congressman Barney Frank can vouch know how well that works.