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Global Warming Monster Confirmed: Senator Can “feel global warming when I fly”

The end is near.  Well, even if its not, many are certain that they can ‘feel’ the end of the world (due, no doubt, to human caused global warming) in their bones.

Despite Michigan polling that Global Warming isn’t even in the public’s top-ten list of problems, Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow says she can feel it in her bones:

Climate change is very real,” she confessed as she embraced cap and trade’s massive tax increase on Michigan industry — at the same time claiming, against all the evidence, that it would not lead to an increase in manufacturing costs or energy prices. “Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes.”

Ah huh.  I don’t feel anything, but the scent of bullshit is all around this issue.

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Comment by maggie on 2009-12-09 12:35:55
this is effing hysterical. just found this site. love it.

Global Warming is All About Politics Part 2

While last time, we pointed out that over a third are influenced in their political choice by the Environment.  This time we have the Watertown Daily Times telling us to “Combat global warming with new leadership”.

Yep.  We apparently need a New Direction.  We need to hope for change and hope.  And we need to do it because of Global Warming.

From Maire T. Zakrzewski of the Watertown Daily Times:

A recent congressional hearing was concerned with emission standards of motor vehicles. The hearing was precipitated by the application of California for permission to enforce stricter controls than the ones stipulated by the federal government. It is hard to believe the extent of willful manipulation of facts and regulations that our current administration is engaged in. The permission was denied even though it had been recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Nineteen other states are seeking similar exceptions, but the administration is not about to budge.

That’s right, because, you know… you shouldn’t be able to choose what kind of mileage your car gets… The Government should do that for you.  And apparently it would be all better if there was a new leader of the United States.  In fact, this article mentions the current Administration 6 (six) times.  That wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but come on… the entire article is only 5 (five) paragraphs long.

Its a short article, and we have problems with every part of it.  First of all, that first paragraph solely blames the current administration for keeping individual stats from having more strict standards then the entire US.  If this were to happen, manufacturing costs for vehicles would go up and the paperwork alone would be enough to kill a Great White Shark.  And while the government does a lot currently to tell us what we get and what we don’t when it comes to automobiles, We here don’t believe the government should dictate to you what vehicles you should buy or what a manufacture should make.  It is odd that Government is not only this guy’s problem, but also his solution.  Government here is simply the problem.

The administration refuses to follow the law, even law laid down by the Supreme Court. The most ridiculous finding that came out in the hearing was the effort of the administration to insist that the molecules of carbon dioxide are different depending on their source. There you have it, a shocking demonstration of the complete absence of very basic scientific knowledge at the highest levels of our government.

It is odd here how they do not give any links or references.  It is also odd that they seam to think that the Supreme Court is not a separate but equal branch of the government.  Our opinion is:  their opinion that Carbon Dioxide, something that every creature breathes out and every tree breathes in is a pollutant was a bit odd to start with.  If the government can regulate what CO2 a car breaths out, perhaps they should regulate how much CO2 I breathe out or my plants breathe in.  Lastly, he has the audacity to claim “absence of very basic scientific knowledge”.  I wonder if Maire here acknowledges the scientific knowledge of the scientists here or here.  Something tells me that Marie would have a problem with this type of scientific knowledge.

In previous hearings it had become clear that reports containing solid scientific information on global warming had been “corrected” by lawyers. These reports had been provided to the administration by renowned scientists. The lawyers went as far as completely deleting large sections of these reports. Such actions reveal bold political manipulation of scientific data. These reports are then used to mislead unsuspecting citizens and as justification for inaction against global warming.

Ha!  There is a “Scientific Information” card again.  Please refer to my previous paragraph.  As Al Gore would know, this isn’t the only time Scientific Information fell under manipulation to sway citizens.

It is no surprise that there are people who treat global warming as a religion rather than as science that it is. They lack the capacity to understand the facts on which the global warming phenomenon is based. Are we in such a sorry state that we have to admit being illiterate in science? Our administration no doubt belongs to that category.

I would argue Marie, that yes, you are in this category.  Most people who agree that man is causing climate change would also be here.  The moment someone can explain to me how my Chevy Tahoe caused Greenland’s Ice to melt to the point where the Vikings could grow crops there before the ice returned will seal the deal on all my skepticism.

Fortunately we have highly qualified experts, who are ready and willing to dedicate themselves into steering our U.S. ship into the right direction in the battle against global warming. The unfortunate reality is that they have no choice but to wait until there is a change in leadership in Washington.

Ah huh.  Marie here probably still doesn’t agree with the highly qualified experts who don’t agree with her.  And as far as “Steering our U.S. ship into the right direction in the battle against global warming.” goes… If by “battle against global warming” she means “Higher taxes for breathing carbon dioxide”, then Marie… I agree.

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