The irony of Snow during a Global Warming protest is ironic to some, and more proof of the drastic need for action on Climate Change before we all die for others.

From Fox News:

Global warming activists stormed Washington Monday for what was billed as the nation’s largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change — only to see the nation’s capital virtually shut down by a major winter storm.

Schools and businesses were shuttered, lawmakers cancelled numerous appearances and the city came to a virtual standstill as Washington was blasted with its heaviest snowfall of the winter. 

It spelled about six inches of trouble for global warming activists who had hoped to swarm the Capitol by the thousands in an effort to force the government to close the Capitol Power Plant, which heats and cools a number of government buildings, including the Supreme Court and the Capitol.

Thats fantastic.  I find it amazing that the environMENTALists even bother holding global warming protests in the winter.  If I were an environMENTAList trying to push an agenda based on the swing of the weather, I would probably wait until the summer for crap like this.


The lies from the democrats in Government seam to get better though.  From

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had to cancel an appearance Monday at a global warming rally in Washington, D.C., that was hit by a snowstorm because her flight was delayed, her office told 
Brianna Cayo-Cotter, the spokesman for the Energy Action Coalition that held the rally,  told a group of reporters that she had been in contact with Pelosi  and that her flight had been delayed because of inclement weather.
A blizzard Sunday night and early Monday morning blanketed the nation’s capital with snow, causing events to be cancelled and delayed across the city.
House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Chairman Edward Markey (D-Mass.), who was scheduled to speak at the global warming event, also canceled his appearance because of the inclement weather, a spokesman from his committee’s office told on Monday.

CBS goes on though, After publishing this story, the Global Warming Trouth Squad got wind that it would be bad press to not attend a Global Warming rally due to a snow storm, so they contacted CBS and changed their story (lied):

(Editor’s note: After this story was published, the communications director for the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming said that Chairman Ed Markey, D-Mass., could not attend the global warming rally because of a “scheduling conflict.” )

The article goes on to note that though they could not say where the Communications Director needed to be, it was deffently not at the rally with the snow storm, but the snow stom had nothing to do with it.  If you believe that, I have some carbon credits to sell you.