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Snow in the UAE for the second time in recorded history

With all this snow in places where it usually doesn’t snow has got to be helping the acceptance of Global Warming right?  Wrong.

From TheNational:

Snow covered the Jebel Jais area for only the second time in recorded history yesterday.

So rare was the event that one lifelong resident said the local dialect had no word for it.

According to the RAK Government, temperatures on Jebel Jais dropped to -3°C on Friday night. On Saturday, the area had reached 1°C.

So, if its snowing in the middle east… I wonder if things like this are any reason why (in America anyway) Global Warming is the last problem on people’s minds when it comes to governmental policy.  Mark my words though, it will not be the last thing on the minds of Obama and Pelosi.

Madison Wisconson’s Church Approved Land Zoning Effort

Madison Wisconson is looking at land zoning to “meet the demands of climate change”.

From the Business & Media Institute and a City of Madison meeting agenda:

10. Zoning should adapt to meet the demands of climate change; use zoning to address or mitigate effects, or adapt to climate change; remove any barriers to mitigating the effects, adapting to climate change (trees, green space, mobility, renewable energy, land use).

As B&MI pionts out, that city wreaks of liberalism, but Global Warming city zoning?  And I thought their neighbor Minnesota was bad.

Too Much Snow for Minnesota Sled Dog Race

Just when you thought it was safe to have some hot-dish, don’t-cha-know.  A Minnesota Sled Dog race in Minnesota has been cancled due to too much snow.

From the Bemidiji Pioneer:

Here’s another entry for the annals of noteworthy winter weather: The dogsled race near Frazee, Minn., has been canceled because there’s too much snow.

Too much fluffy snow that keeps drifting and therefore made it impossible to maintain a groomed trail.

But it’s MinneSnowta… this kind of thing happens all the time, right?

“The drifting aspect is just unbelievable,” said Streeper, a native of Canada who has been involved with dogsled racing for 25 years. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Oh Snap.

Repeat A Lie Often Enough… Or Say Nothing At All

Ice is back up to 1979 Levels, recod cold throughout the world, but you won’t hear about it.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Despite what this newspaper’s editorialists aver (“A New Year’s resolution,” Jan. 2, 2009), there is no scientific proof that “time is running out for mankind to take the needed actions to thwart the most disastrous effects of climate change.” Nor is it anything more than an unproven assertion to argue that “the relevant scientific community has reached a clear consensus: Many decades of unchecked fossil fuel consumption has pushed the planet far beyond the natural cycle, and the impact of this enhanced warming, especially the forecast rise in sea level this century, could ultimately lead to human suffering on an epic scale.”

The Baltimore Sun confidently urges the next president to avoid the temptation of postponing drastic action on this matter because of other pressing problems, such as the worldwide economic slowdown, our wars in Eurasia, etc. – the most important thing in the long term is to “reduce global warming.” To this I say: “Nonsense.” Oops, that makes me a “flat-earth type,” and an all-around bad person, perhaps allied with “certain deep-pocketed traditional energy interests such as coal producers.” As you probably know, proponents of global warming are very well funded as well, but space is limited, so let us move on to the idea of scientific consensus, which is oxymoronic.

Then they quote Michael Crichton who said in a speach in 2003:

“Let’s be clear: The work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science, consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”

So, though I hope for MSNBC to come out and report with as much excitement that the Church of Global Warming has been wrong with their computer predictions and doom-saying… I have a feeling you won’t hear much about this until Summer hits, and they can start talking again about 6 month high temps.

San Francisco Flyers Buy Your Way Out of Sin, but Continue Sinning

Feeling guilty about flying and destroying the earth, but not guilty enough to stop?  This spring, at the San Francisco Airport, you will be able to buy your way out of carbon sin with the swipe of a credit card.  Lucky You.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Environmentally conscious travelers flying out of San Francisco International Airport will soon be able to assuage their guilt and minimize the impact of their air travel by buying certified carbon offsets at airport kiosks.

The experimental program, scheduled to start this spring, would make SFO the first airport in the nation – possibly the world – to offer fliers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets.

“We’d like people to stop and consider the impacts of flying,” said Steve McDougal, executive vice president for 3Degrees, a San Francisco firm that sells renewable-energy and carbon-reduction investments and is teaming up with the airport and the city on the project. “Obviously, people need to fly sometimes. No one expects them to stop, but they should consider taking steps to reduce their impacts.”

Wow… and California’s Airport commission is actually going to help fund this.  No wonder California is in the red.

The article does not actually say what 3Degrees actually DOES with your money… but here is the best part:

But the general idea, officials said, is that a traveler would approach a kiosk resembling the self-service check-in stations used by airlines, then punch in his or her destination. The computer would calculate the carbon footprint and the cost of an investment to offset the damage. The traveler could then swipe a credit card to help save the planet. Travelers would receive a printed receipt listing the projects benefiting from their environmental largesse.

Wow.  All I have to do is swipe my credit card to save the planet!?  Thats fantastic! A fantastic load of crap.  What do I owe you might ask?  Well, if you go to the 3Degrees website they have a carbon calculator for you with quick and easy payment methods to absolve you of your carbon sins.  My carbon sins are rather expensive due to the large amount of traveling I do for work, my cars all being either turbocharged, supercharged or v8s, and my love affair with the open road:

 Wow, my sins are expensive.  Good thing they offer a monthly payment plan.

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