The Huffington Post is well known for being a socialist cheerleader, and with witless articles like this one, there are a lot of cheerleaders that could teach them a thing or two about insightful article writing.

(no offence to cheerleaders is intended by raising the Huffington Post to their level for this analogy)

I would encourage any of you to read this entire open letter written by Patricia Martin and posted by the Huffington Post.  It is odd to me how someone who is CEO of her own consulting company would be so completely clueless as to what makes NASCAR as appealing as it is to Americans.

It’s time for NASCAR to pull a U-turn. Leadership needs to get on board the green express and point NASCAR in the direction of sustainable, renewable auto sports. Why not create races for hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles? Make it about low emissions, speed and duration. This would be a boon for American auto makers who could use it as a platform to innovate and create excitement for the alternative vehicles they are feverishly bringing to market. Imagine that, NASCAR could help save jobs and keep the Big Three relevant, while perhaps saving tax payers from having to pick up the tab on another costly bailout.

It is obvious here that Patricia just doesn’t get it.  This much is clear if she believes for one fleeting moment that the people who are into NASCAR racing would be into endurance racing with battery powered cars for a low-emission trophy.

The part of this article that offends me more than anything is here:

NASCAR has earned a rightful place in American popular culture. But as we fall deeper into this downward spiral, it will be important for the people who create the culture, whether that be the France family with its NASCAR juggernaut, or Robert Redford with Sundance, or Oprah Winfrey with her media empire, to lead the way to a more enlightened way of life.

First of all, based on everything she has written so far, the first sentence of that paragraph is obviously put there just to try to prove to someone she talks to at Starbucks that she has been fair by complementing NASCAR, without actually complimenting them at all.

Then she goes on into what we see more often than not from those who write the media.  A call for those who “create the culture” to change the culture, pointing out what she feels are acceptable alternatives: Sundance and Oprah.  It looks as if she wants those who decide what you like and what you enjoy to change your minds and pick something new… like battery powered low-emissions endurance eco-racing.

Her profile on the Huffington Post lists her company and profession as:

a marketing and communications boutique acclaimed for using culture as a medium to connect brands with communities of consumers.

If her suggestions are to try to push Oprah and Sundance down the throats of NASCAR fans is not a joke, then I submit that her career as a marketing consultant is.