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Gore investment body closes $683m fund

The investment vehicle headed by Al Gore has closed a new $683m fund to invest in early-stage environmental companies and has mounted a robust defence of green investing.

The Climate Solutions Fund will be one of the biggest in the growing market for investment funds with an environmental slant.

The entire article can be viewed with free registration.

Al Gore and IPCC Win Nobel Peace Prize

Al Gore and the IPCC jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.”

PALO ALTO, California (CNN) — Sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize helps underscore the urgency of the climate crisis, said former Vice President Al Gore on Friday.
“This is a chance to elevate global consciousness about the challenges that we face now,” said Al Gore.

 Gore’s comments came hours after the Nobel committee announced he would share the award with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their work to raise awareness about global warming.

“This is a chance to elevate global consciousness about the challenges that we face now,” Gore said, speaking to reporters in Palo Alto, California. “It truly is a planetary emergency, and we have to respond quickly.”

The former vice president said he would donate his half of the $1.5 million prize to the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization he founded to persuade people to reduce global warming by cutting pollution.

“That amount is very small compared to the enormous challenge that lies ahead,” Gore said, including organizing a massive grass-roots movement and a mass advertising campaign focused on “trying to change the way people think.”

Earlier Friday, a White House spokesman said President Bush was pleased that Gore, Bush’s opponent in the 2000 presidential race, had won the award.

“Of course, he’s happy for Vice President Gore, happy for the International Panel on Climate Change scientists, who also shared the Peace Prize,” White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto said. “Obviously it’s an important recognition, and we’re sure the vice president is thrilled.”

Fratto said Bush would not be under any pressure to adopt mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions, a policy Gore has advocated.

Gore’s ex-boss, former President Clinton, also said he’s “thrilled by this well-deserved recognition,” and credited Gore with “warning and educating us about the dangers of climate change for decades. He saw this coming before others in public life.”

The Nobel committee’s announcement cited Gore and the IPCC “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.”

The award ceremony will be held December 10 in Oslo, Norway.  Watch why Gore won the Nobel prize »

In recent weeks, Gore has been the target of a campaign to persuade him to enter the 2008 presidential race.

A source involved in Gore’s past political runs told CNN that he definitely has the ambition to use the peace prize as a springboard to run for president.

But he will not run, because he won’t take on the political machine assembled by Sen. Hillary Clinton, said the source. If the senator from New York had faltered at all, Gore would take a serious look at entering the race, the source said. But Gore has calculated that Clinton is unstoppable, according to the source.

Gore repeatedly denied he has any plans to run again, but this week a group of grass-roots Democrats calling themselves “Draft Gore” took out a full-page ad in The New York Times in a bid to change his mind. Watch Gore discuss global warming and politics

“Your country needs you now, as do your party, and the planet you are fighting so hard to save,” the group said in an open letter.

“America and the Earth need a hero right now, someone who will transcend politics as usual and bring real hope to our country and to the world.”

The Nobel committee praised Gore as being “one of the world’s leading environmentalist politicians.”

“He is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted,” said Ole Danbolt Mjos, chairman of the Nobel committee.

In making the announcement, Mjos said, “Through the scientific reports it has issued over the past two decades, the IPCC has created an ever-broader informed consensus about the connection between human activities and global warming.

“Thousands of scientists and officials from over 100 countries have collaborated to achieve greater certainty as to the scale of the warming.”

Said Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the U.N. panel: “This is an honor that goes to all the scientists and authors who have contributed to the work of the IPCC.”

Renate Christ, secretary of the panel, called the award “the most significant recognition that the IPCC has received.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established in 1988 to study climate change information. The group doesn’t do independent research but instead reviews scientific literature from around the world.

The U.N.-sanctioned group was formed by the World Meteorological Organization and U.N. Environment Program.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “delighted” with the news that Gore and the IPCC will share in prize.

The Nobel caps a series of prestigious awards associated with Gore, including two Oscars this year for the 2006 documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which followed him on a worldwide tour publicizing the dangers of climate change.

Last month, he also picked up an Emmy — the highest award in U.S. television — for “Current TV.” The show, which Gore co-created, describes itself as a global television network giving viewers the opportunity to create and influence its programming.

Previous American recipients of the peace prize include former Presidents Carter in 2002, Wilson in 1919 and Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

In 1973, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger shared the award with North Vietnam’s Le Duc Tho. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. received the honor in 1964.  See more on 2007 Nobel winners »
Gore was vice president for eight years before winning the 2000 Democratic presidential nomination and running against Bush.

But he failed in his White House bid — despite winning the popular vote — when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his challenge over voting results in Florida, securing an Electoral College majority for Bush.


Over 650 Things Caused by Global Warming

This list (Origionally from here but since edited and added to) contains over 650 items that some have claimed to have been caused by global warming.

agricultural land increase
Afghan poppies destroyed
aged deaths
poppies more potent
Africa devastated
Africa in conflict
African aid threatened
African summer frost
aggressive weeds
Air France crash
air pressure changes
airport farewells virtual
airport malaria
Agulhas current
Alaskan towns slowly destroyed
Al Qaeda and Taliban Being Helped
allergy increase
allergy season longer
alligators in the Thames
Alps melting
Amazon a desert
American dream end
amphibians breeding earlier (or not)
anaphylactic reactions to bee stings
ancient forests dramatically changed
 animals head for the hills
 animals shrink
Antarctic grass flourishes
 Antarctic ice grows
 Antarctic ice shrinks
 Antarctic sea life at risk
 anxiety treatment
 algal blooms
 archaeological sites threatened
 Arctic bogs melt
 Arctic in bloom
 Arctic ice free
 Arctic ice melt faster
 Arctic lakes disappear
Arctic tundra lost
 Arctic warming (not)
 a rose by any other name smells of nothing
 asteroid strike risk
 Atlantic less salty
 Atlantic more salty
 atmospheric circulation modified
 attack of the killer jellyfish
 avalanches reduced
 avalanches increased
Baghdad snow
 Bahrain under water
bananas grow
 bats decline
  beer and bread prices to soar
 beer better
beer worse
 beetle infestation
 bet for $10

 big melt faster
 billion dollar research projects
 billion homeless
 billions face risk
 billions of deaths
 bird distributions change
 bird loss accelerating
 bird strikes
 bird visitors drop
 birds confused
 birds decline (Wales)
 birds driven north
 birds face longer migrations
 birds return early
 birds shrink(Aus)
 birds shrink (USA)
 bittern boom ends
 blackbirds stop singing
 blackbirds threatened
 Black Hawk down
 blood contaminated
 blue mussels return
 borders redrawn
 brain eating amoebae
 brains shrink
 bridge collapse (Minneapolis)
 Britain one big city
 Britain Siberian
 British monsoon
brothels struggle
 brown Ireland
 bubonic plague
Buddhist temple threatened
building collapse
 building season extension
 butterflies move north
 butterflies reeling
 carbon crimes
 camel deaths
cancer deaths in England
caterpillar biomass shift
 cave paintings threatened
childhood insomnia
 circumcision in decline
 cirrus disappearance
 civil unrest
 cloud increase
coast beauty spots lost
 cockroach migration
 cod go south
coffee threatened
 coffee berry borer
 coffee berry disease
 cold climate creatures survive
 cold spells (Australia)
 cold wave (India)
 cold weather (world)
 computer models
 conflict with Russia
consumers foot the bill
 coral bleaching
 coral fish suffer
 coral reefs dying
 coral reefs grow
 coral reefs shrink
 coral reefs twilight
  cost of trillions
 cougar attacks
 crabgrass menace
  cradle of civilisation threatened
 creatures move uphill
 crime increase
 crocodile sex
 crops devastated
 crumbling roads
 buildings and sewage systems

 curriculum change
cyclones (Australia)
 danger to kid’s health
Dartford Warbler plague
deadly virus outbreaks
 death rate increase (US)
 deaths to reach 6 million
 Dengue hemorrhagic fever
 desert advance
desert retreat
destruction of the environment
dig sites threatened
 diseases move north
 dog disease
dozen deadly diseasesor not
 ducks and geese decline
 dust bowl in the corn belt
earlier pollen season
Earth axis tilt
 Earth biodiversity crisis
 Earth dying
 Earth even hotter
 Earth light dimming
 Earth lopsided
 Earth melting
 Earth morbid fever
 Earth on fast track
 Earth past point of no return
 Earth slowing down
Earth spins faster
 Earth to explode
 earth upside down
 earthquakes redux
 El Niño intensification
 end of the world as we know it
 emerging infections
 English villages lost
 equality threatened
 Europe simultaneously baking and freezing
 evolution accelerating
 expansion of university climate groups
 extinctions (human,civilisation,  koalas, logic,Inuit,smallest butterfly,cod,   penguins,pikas,polar bears, possums, walrus,tigers,toads, turtles, plants, ladybirds,rhinoceros, salmon, trout,wild flowers, woodlice,a million species, half of all animal and plant speciesmountain species, not polar bears,barrier reef,leaches,salamanders,tropical insects)
experts muzzled
 extreme changes to California
 fading fall foliage
 farmers benefit
 farmers go under
 farm output boost
 farming soil decline
fashion disaster
 figurehead sacked
 fir cone bonanza
 fires fanned in Nepal
 fish bigger
 fish catches drop
 fish downsize
 fish deaf
 fish get lost
 fish head north
 fish shrinking
fish stocks at risk
 fish stocks decline
 five million illnesses
 flesh eating disease
 flies on Everest
flood patterns change
  floods of beaches and cities
 flood of migrants
 flood preparation for crisis
flora dispersed
florida economic decline
flowers in peril
flowers loose their scent
 fog increase in San Francisco
 fog decrease in San Francisco
 food poisoning
 food prices rise
 food prices soar
 food security threat (SA)
 football team migration
 forest decline
 forest expansion
 foundations threatened
 frog with extra heads
 frost damage increased
 fungi fruitful
 fungi invasion
 games change
 Garden of Eden wilts
 geese decline in Hampshire
 genetic changes
 genetic diversity decline
 gene pools slashed
 geysers imperiled
 giant icebergs (Australia)
 giant oysters invade
giant pythons invade
 giant squid migrate
 gingerbread houses collapse
 glacial earthquakes
 glacial retreat
glacier grows (California)
 glaciers on Snowden
 glacier wrapped
 global cooling
glowing clouds
golf course to drown
 golf Masters wrecked
 grain output drop (China)
 grasslands wetter
 gravity shift
Great Barrier Reef 95% dead
 Great Lakes drop
great tits cope
 greening of the North
Grey whales lose weight
 Gulf Stream failure
 habitat loss
 haggis threatened
 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
harvest increase
 harvest shrinkage
 hay fever epidemic
 health affected
 health of children harmed
 health risks
 health risks (even more)
 heart disease
 heart attacks and strokes (Australia)
 heat waves
 hedgehogs bald
 hibernation affected
 hibernation ends too soon
 hibernation ends too late
homeless 50 million
human development faces unprecedented reversal
 human fertility reduced
 human health risk
 human race oblivion
hurricane reduction
 hurricanes fewer
 hurricanes more intense
 hurricanes not
hydropower problems
 hyperthermia deaths
 ice age
 ice sheet growth
 ice sheet shrinkage
illness and death
 inclement weather
 India drowning
 infrastructure failure (Canada)
 industry threatened
 infectious diseases
inflation in China
 insect explosion
 insect invasion
 insurance premium rises
 Inuit displacement
 Inuit poisoned
 Inuit suing
 invasion of alien worms
 invasion of Antarctic aliens
invasion of Asian carp
 invasion of cats
invasion of crabgrass
 invasion of herons
 invasion of jellyfish
 invasion of king crabs
 invasion of midges
 invasion of slugs
  island disappears
 islands sinking
 Italy robbed of pasta
 itchier poison ivy
 jellyfish explosion
 jet stream drifts north
 jets fall from sky
Kew Gardens taxed
 kidney stones
 killer cornflakes
 killing us
 kitten boom
 koalas under threat
 krill decline
 lake and stream productivity decline
 lake empties
 lake shrinking and growing
 landslides of ice at 140 mph
 large trees decline
 lawsuits increase
 lawsuit successful
lawyers’ income increased (surprise surprise!)
lawyers want more
 legionnaires’ surge
  lives lost
 lives saved
 Loch Ness monster dead
 locust plagues suppressed
 lush growth in rain forests
Lyme disease
 mammoth dung melt
 mango harvest fails
 Maple production advanced
 Maple syrup shortage
 marine diseases
 marine food chain decimated
 Meaching (end of the world)
 Meat eating to stop
 Mediterranean rises
 Melanoma decline
 mental illness
 methane emissions from plants
 methane burps
 methane runaway
 melting permafrost
 Middle Kingdom convulses
migratory birds huge losses
 microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly
 minorities hit
 monkeys at risk
monkeys on the move
 Mont Blanc grows
 monuments imperiled
 moose dying
 more bad air days
 more research needed
 mortality increased
 mosquitoes adapting
 mountain (Everest) shrinking
mountaineers fears
mountains break up
mountains green and flowering
mountains taller
mortality lower
murder rate increase
musk ox decline
Myanmar cyclone
narwhals at risk
National Parks damaged
National security implications
native wildlife overwhelmed
natural disastersquadruple
new islands
next ice age
NFL threatened
Nile delta damaged
noctilucent clouds
no effect in India
Northwest Passage opened
nuclear plants bloom
oaks dying
 oaks move north
ocean acidification
ocean acidification faster
ocean dead spots
ocean dead zones unleashed
ocean deserts expand
ocean waves speed up
 Olympic Games to end
opera house to be destroyed
outdoor hockey threatened
oxygen depletion zones
ozone repair slowed
ozone rise
 penguin chicks frozen
penguin chicks smaller
penguins replaced by jellyfish
personal carbon rationing
pest outbreaks
pests increase
phenology shifts
 pines decline
pirate population decrease
plankton blooms
plankton wiped out
plants lose protein
plants march north
plants move uphill
 polar bears aggressive
polar bears cannibalistic
polar bears deaf
 polar bears drowning
polar tours scrapped
popcorn rise
porpoise astray
profits collapse
psychiatric illness
puffin decline
pushes poor women into prostitution
rabid bats
 radars taken out
railroad tracks deformed
rainfall increase
rape wave
reindeer endangered
reindeer larger
release of ancient frozen viruses
resorts disappear
rice threatened
rice yields crash
rift on Capitol Hill
rioting and nuclear war
river flow impacted
rivers raised
road accidents
roads wear out
robins rampant
rocky peaks crack apart
roof of the world a desert
rooftop bars
Ross river disease
ruins ruined
Russia under pressure
salinity reduction
salinity increase
salmon stronger
 satellites accelerate
 school closures
 sea level rise
 sea level rise faster
 seals mating more
 seismic activity
 sewer bills rise
 severe thunderstorms
 sex change
 sexual promiscuity
 shark attacks
 sharks booming
 sharks moving north
 sheep change colour
 sheep shrink
 shop closures
 short-nosed dogs endangered
shrimp sex problems
 shrinking ponds
 shrinking sheep
  shrinking shrine
 Sidney Opera House wiped out
 ski resorts threatened
 slow death
  smaller brains
 smelt down
 snowfall decrease
 snowfall increase
 snowfall heavy
  snow thicker
soaring food prices
 societal collapse
 soil change
 songbirds change eating habits
 sour grapes
 space problem
 spectacular orchids
 spiders getting bigger
 spiders invade Scotland
squid larger
 squid population explosion
 squid tamed
 squirrels reproduce earlier
stingray invasion
 storms wetter
stratospheric cooling
 street crime to increase
 swordfish in the Baltic
 Tabasco tragedy
 tectonic plate movement
 terrorists (India)
 thatched cottages at risk
 threat to peace
 ticks move northward (Sweden)
 tides rise
 tigers eat people
 tomatoes rot
 tornado outbreak
 tourism increase
 toxic seaweed
trade barriers
 trade winds weakened
 traffic jams
transportation threatened
 tree foliage increase (UK)
 tree growth slowed
 tree growth faster
 trees in trouble
 trees less colourful
trees more colourful
 trees lush
 trees on Antarctica
 treelines change
 tropics expansion
 tropopause raised
 truffle shortage
 truffles down
turtles crash
 turtle feminised
 turtles lay earlier
 UFO sightings
 UK coastal impact
 UK Katrina
Vampire moths
 Venice flooded
 violin decline
 volcanic eruptions
walrus pups orphaned
walrus stampede
wars over water
 wars sparked
 wars threaten billions
 water bills double
 water scarcity (20% of increase)
wave of natural disasters
 waves bigger
 weather out of its mind
 weather patterns awry
 weather patterns last longer
 Western aid cancelled out
West Nile fever
 whale beachings
 whales lose weight
 whales move north
whales wiped out
 wheat yields crushed in Australia
 wind shift
 wind reduced
 winds stronger
 winds weaker
wine – Australian baked
 wine – harm to Australian industry
 wine industry damage (California)
  wine industry disaster (US)
  wine – more English
 wine -England too hot
 wine -German boon
 wine – no more French
wine passé (Napa)
 wine – Scotland best
wine stronger
 winters in Britain colder
 winter in Britain dead
 witchcraft executions
 wolverine decline
 wolves eat more moose
 wolves eat less
 workers laid off
 World at war
 World War 4
 World bankruptcy
 World in crisis
 World in flames
 Yellow fever
 zebra mussel threat
 zoonotic diseases

New York Times “Ethonal makes food prices go up.. kind of”

The religion of Global Warming can now add itself to the list of  extremist religions that are taking lives.  Increased demand to be “green” and to use biofuels has been causing the price of food to go up, the effects of which are not just seen, but felt in the third world.

As The New York Times discusses, the usefulness of ethanol in fuel is in question, now that people are starving and rioting because they cannot eat (either because of supply, or cost) while governments regulate (force) us to add the stuff to our gas tanks.  I will pick at the high points of these articles, and let you read the rest on their websites.

From the New York Times:

The idea of turning farms into fuel plants seemed, for a time, like one of the answers to high global oil prices and supply worries. That strategy seemed to reach a high point last year when Congress mandated a fivefold increase in the use of biofuels.

We are only a paragraph into this thing and there are blaring errors that are easily identifiable from a mile away.  For one, anyone who actually looks, reads, or studies the energy it takes to create ethanol and the energy we get from it would be able to tell you that producing the stuff is, compared to gasoline, worthless.  Not to mention the fact that you get about 1/4th the ethanol from corn that you do from switch grass, but I digress.  The second major problem with this first paragraph is the second sentence.  No grammatical errors, but when someone says “high point” and “when congress mandated” in the same sentence, you know not all their compact fluorescent light bulbs are working.  They go on to mention Riots, people dying, political instability and stuff, but I’ll skip over that.

Many specialists in food policy consider government mandates for biofuels to be ill advised, agreeing that the diversion of crops like corn into fuel production has contributed to the higher prices.

Yes!  Finally!  The New York Times points out how Government Mandates are not that great idea according to specialists!


Oh, here we go.  I knew it was too good to be true.

But other factors have played big roles, including droughts that have limited output and rapid global economic growth that has created higher demand for food.

But… those specialists are stupid, and you should realy pay attention to how droughts (global warming) is causing it.  I know what your trying to do, New York Times.  It doesn’t take a communication major to know that people will pay more attention to the “But” statement.

While there is agreement that the growth of biofuels has contributed to higher food prices, the amount is disputed.

Wow.  That sounds familiar.  One could say that there is a consensus that biofuels make the cost of food to go up.  One could even say, I’m sure, that if you don’t believe this consensus, you are probably in the pocket of Big Corn… or a “food price gouging” skeptic.  Perhaps we should have the government look into price gouging by Big Corn too?

See how stupid the Church of Global Warming’s arguments look when you apply them to… well, anything else?

Ethanol supporters maintain that any increase caused by biofuels is relatively small and that energy costs and soaring demand for meat in developing countries have had a greater impact. “There’s no question that they are a factor, but they are really a smaller factor than other things that are driving up prices,” said Ron Litterer, an Iowa farmer who is president of the National Corn Growers Association.

Ah huh…  Big Corn skeptics.  See what I mean?  Just a paragraph before that little comment by Big Corn, the article states:

Work by the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington suggests that biofuel production accounts for a quarter to a third of the recent increase in global commodity prices.

But, you know, a third.  That’s like… relatively small.  Right Ron Litterer?  Small… you know, compared to… a woolly mammoth.  Anyway, the article goes on to say, you know, bla bla bla, global food prices have increased by 83 percent in the last three years… bla bla bla.  They do mention in the last line however that many of the upheavals over food prices have concerned rice and wheat, staple foods yes, but are not used as biofuels.  Instead the reduced supply for rice and wheat come from droughts… Which I can go with as “Man made global warming droughts” because, you know, droughts didn’t happen until people started driving their cars.

Give Me Your Money, and I Can Heal You

What with Global Warming not being a Political Issue and all, if we raise taxes, it will probably help, right?

I know what you’re thinking. 

Global Warming is not a political issue.  And while I may not want to talk politics here and I think you are a nut job for thinking Global Warming isn’t political, every “fix” for global warming has something to do with the government having more power, so it is difficult to keep politics out of here for long… But there are some benchmarks that we here at the Church of Global Warming hold for a bad idea… Anything the ACLU or Daily Kos is for, for example.  Case in point: Los Angeles.

From the LA Times:

Motorists in Los Angeles County could end up paying an extra 9 cents per gallon at the gas pump, or an additional $90 on their vehicle registration, under proposals aimed at getting them to help fight global warming.

Voters would be able to decide whether to approve a “climate change mitigation and adaptation fee” under legislation being considered by state lawmakers and endorsed by the board of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

You would be hard pressed to find a member of the Church of Global Warming who doesn’t mention something that gives the government more money to assist in fighting Global Warming.  Yeah, because “No Child Left Behind” and government funds for hurricane Katrina were so useful in their application.  Does anyone else here find if fascinating that think “Bigger Government” by way of “Higher Taxes” is not a good thing?
Now, I realize that California is kind of its own little planet that the Earth can’t quite shake, but going in line with the whole “we can tax our way out of destroying the planet” thing, California once again has the idea to raise taxes to save mother earth.  Oh yes, this isn’t the first time:

From Mercury News:

In the first such program in California, and perhaps the United States, Bay Area air pollution regulators are proposing to charge an annual fee to thousands of businesses based on the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

The fee – 4.2 cents per metric ton of carbon dioxide – would affect everything from oil refineries to power plants, and landfills, factories and small businesses like restaurants and bakeries.

The largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the Bay Area, the Shell oil refinery in Martinez, would pay $186,475 a year for its 4.4 million annual metric tons of emissions. The largest emitter in Santa Clara County, the Hanson Permanente Cement Plant in Cupertino, would pay $44,507 a year for its 1.05 million tons.

After years of voluntary measures, the fees, proposed this week by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, set a precedent as the first time that businesses and government agencies would face financial consequences for contributing to global warming. If successful, the fees could be copied all over the state and country, perhaps ultimately at much higher prices.

“The climate is changing, and we think that everybody needs to help with the solution and pay their fair share to reduce greenhouse gases,” said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in San Francisco.

“This is the next step in addressing the problem. The public is demanding that we be part of the solution.”

Could someone please explain to the rest of us who just don’t get it, how you can believe someone when they say “The entire planet is in trouble, but if you give us your money, we can fix it”?  This reminds me of the healers who would swing through town, put up a tent with a flashing neon cross, and stooge people into believing they could heal others by having a couple pawns in the audience who amazingly got their sight back. 

So, here’s the deal.  You can fall in line and believe with all your heart that the Government will fix your problems if you just give them more money, or you can become a heretic and think for a moment about how you shouldn’t force anyone to worship at this alter just like you are not forced to buy fuel if you don’t want to.  I mean, you don’t need a car, right?  Or perhaps “A Global Warming Impact Fee could be a key tool toward achieving that better tomorrow.”  Douche bags.

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