According to Richard Hollingham and the BBC, we are causing the Million year Old ice to melt in Greenland dispite the Vikings planting crops there 600 years ago.

This was pointed out to me via Carlo Stagnaro’s posting at  From this BBC article here: Icy Greenland turns green, it would appear that 600 years is longer the a Million.  No, there is no need for a calculator, Just take a look at the BBC Article written by Richard Hollingham.

First of all, The Church points out how dire things are:

Greenland’s ice is melting rapidly. In some places, glacial levels have been falling by 10 metresf a year and ultimately contributing to rising sea levels. Travelling to Greenland, Richard Hollingham sees the impact of climate change for himself.

Wow, that’s pretty bad.  We have melting ice and rising sea levels that are the impact of Climate Change all in one paragraph.  But it gets worse!

A few metres above the ice, the rock is totally bare. A scar running horizontally across the valleys. It is as if the ice has been drained away, like water in a bath, to leave a tide mark. Which is, in effect, what has happened. The ice has melted and the glaciers have retreated hundreds of metres over the past 150 years.

Okay, there is a scar on mother Earth where hundreds of meters of ice has drained away.  All because of Humans (climate change).  Wow, that’s pretty crappy.

This land was being exposed for the first time for millions of years. Even a century ago, where I stood would have been solid ice, and I was struck by just how much vegetation there was.

Wow.  So we are causing Greenland to loose all its ice that’s been there for millions of years because of climate change.  Even one thousand years ago it was solid ice.  We truly suck.  But wait, there is more! 

Two paragraphs later, there is a heading titled “Agricultural return.”  Well, I know you are too frustrated at Mankind for killing the earth by all the bad news at this point, and probably feel the urge to just go recycle some paper, lets read on just for fun.

The Earth’s climate has warmed before, albeit naturally.


A ruined church on the banks of a fjord marks the remains of a Viking farming civilisation.

A ruined Church and the remains of a Viking Farming civilization…  Farming?  Wait…  I thought “this land was being exposed for the firs time for “millions of years” and “even a century ago” the land was covered in ice.  this is odd… If the land was under ice for millions of years, how could they farm?  Perhaps Richard will help clear this up.

The sun casts shadows through the arched window to the site of the altar, last used in the 1400s before the area was abandoned when it became too cold to support habitation.  Today, the farmers are back.  Sheep once again graze the surrounding hillside and shiny new tractors work the fields near the southern coast.

Yep thats pretty clear… wait…  The land became too cold to support habitation and was abandoned.  This guy must be wrong.  Let me check

Greenland’s climate began to change as well; the summers grew shorter and progressively cooler, limiting the time cattle could be kept outdoors and increasing the need for winter fodder. During the worst years, when rains would have been heaviest, the hay crop would barely have been adequate to see the penned animals through the coldest days.

Oh Snap.  So, the Vikings really did grow stuff on Greenland… 600 years ago… when it was… warmer… and the cooling weather helped kill them off.  Perhaps BBC should remove that little bit about the Vikings to help the article be more consistent… or they could keep people who don’t know what they’re talking about from publishing articles.   The truth completely ruined the Hate-Humans buzz I had going.  Thanks a lot Truth!